Remarketing for Mass Tort Advertisements

Although high-quality and engaging ad campaigns can help you find new clients, you still have to convince that client to pursue mass tort litigation with your firm. Unfortunately, almost 96% of people who visit a website will navigate away from the site without taking action. However, this initial visit to your website creates the perfect opportunity to continually engage with your audience, using a technique called remarketing.

Remarketing is a type of advertising that presents your ads to clients who have previously visited your website or interacted with your content. This increases a potential client’s exposure to your brand and the likelihood they will contact your firm. However, skilled remarketing campaigns rely on extensive data analysis to ensure your ads are reaching the right clients at the right time.

Mass Tort Alliance has experience developing and optimizing remarketing campaigns to ensure your ads have the greatest impact possible. To understand if remarketing is the right technique for your firm, contact Mass Tort Alliance today to speak with one of our digital marketing professionals.

How Does Remarketing Work?

Many websites allow for remarketing by storing “cookies” on a user’s web service. Cookies are essentially small data files that track which websites a user is visiting, as well as information the user has provided to the website, such as their age, location, or interests. Using these cookies, your remarketing campaign will identify a user’s habits and determine when they will be most receptive to seeing your ad.

By presenting your mass tort ads to a client multiple times, you keep your firm at the top of your client’s mind. However, remarketing does not simply bombard a potential client with the same ads for your firm. Instead, your remarketing campaign can suggest even more personalized ads by tracking a user’s data. The more relevant and organic an ad feels, the less likely a user will become frustrated by repetitive or irrelevant advertisements, an experience known as ad fatigue.

Increasing the level of personalization through remarketing ultimately creates a better experience for the user, and allows you to engage with them on an individual level. When using advanced remarketing tactics, your firm will not only be able to find more mass tort leads, but you will increase the likelihood that potential clients will actually pursue your legal services.

Understanding the Conversion Funnel

If a potential client visits your website, they have already demonstrated interest in your services. Continuing to present information and new ads will encourage this client to follow through, contact your firm, and sign a legal contract. Remarketing allows you to benefit from this phenomenon known as the “conversion funnel.”

In advertising, the conversion funnel is a metaphor used to visualize and identify the ways you can turn a prospective client into a paying customer. Dynamic Yield describes the conversion funnel in four distinct phases:

  • Awareness: The broadest method of reaching new prospective clients, using a semi-targeted ad that is applicable to anyone looking for mass tort services.
  • Interest: Targeted ads that keep potential clients engaged and encourage them to return to your website for more information.
  • Desire: The client now has significant information about your services, and your ads can focus on nurturing the need to work with your firm.
  • Action: The final advertising push that encourages your client to contact and commit to your legal services.

The conversion funnel creates a clear framework to lead your clients to take action and hire your firm. However, this metaphor also demonstrates the importance of continually advertising to potential clients with increasing relevance and specificity.

Convincing a client to take action on their mass tort case is often a long and arduous process. However, with the help of repeated exposure through remarketing, you have the best chances of gaining as many new clients as possible.

Platforms That Offer Remarketing

Remarketing your ads requires a specialized platform that is equipped to track a user’s cookies and determine the right time to present your ads. At Mass Tort Alliance, we regularly work with Taboola, a global and highly effective content discovery and curation platform.

In some cases, the platform you are already using to present your ads may offer a remarketing service. Some of the remarketing-specific platforms available include:

  • Mailchimp
  • ReTargeter
  • AdRoll
  • Finteza
  • Criteo
  • Perfect Audience
  • Fixel
  • Clickmeter

If you are unfamiliar with digital media marketing, it may seem impossible to know which system will be the most effective at remarketing your ads. A digital marketing specialist at Mass Tort Alliance will help you understand these platforms’ unique features, so you can make the best decision for your firm. We will also optimize your content for the platform we use, so you can receive the best results from your ads.

How Mass Tort Alliance Uses Remarketing for Your Firm

In the competitive field of mass tort law, you cannot afford to create generic advertisements that may or may not bring in clients. You need to implement innovative marketing tactics that authentically represent your legal skills and effectively engage your future clients. That is why you need to work with the digital marketing experts at Mass Tort Alliance.

From the initial ad design to remarketing your targeted ads, Mass Tort Alliance has the skill and experience necessary to help your mass tort firm grow. We will help you create ads that address each level of the conversion funnel, so you can ensure that your remarketing campaign has the greatest possible chance of success.

Furthermore, our services do not end with creating your campaign. Our team is prepared to provide continual data analysis to determine the impact of your ads and potential improvements. When you work with Mass Tort Alliance, you will know that your advertisements are helping you get the greatest exposure for every dollar in your marketing budget.

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If you are seeking to increase your mass tort client base, you need targeted native advertisements that will continually promote your firm to the right clients. Mass Tort Alliance is prepared to help you create a strong remarketing campaign that will not only help you find leads but also ensure that your future clients take action. Contact Mass Tort Alliance to start working on your remarketing campaign today.