Telemarketing Services

Within the legal industry, advanced telemarketing solutions are a proven, effective tool in promoting law firms, generating quality leads, and maximizing profits. In any mass tort case, every plaintiff you sign has the potential to make your case that much stronger. The more plaintiffs you have, the more pressure the defense will face, and, oftentimes, the more likely they will be to settle.

As a result, the mass tort field is competitive. Law firms across the nation compete for clients, and, ideally, your firm will reach those clients first. At Mass Tort Alliance, we don’t just offer 24/7 in-house call center solutions to support your law firm’s inbound and outbound telemarketing needs – we provide a tangible avenue to quickly and effectively connect your legal team with qualified claimants.

Successful telemarketing allows you to immediately discern a potential client’s interest level, build immediate caller rapport, provide a more personalized interaction, and achieve measurable results. To do this on such a large scale, we utilize a variety of innovative SEO techniques, cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, and in-depth client analytics to generate viable business leads. In short, our telemarketing services enable you to sign the qualified leads you need to develop a strong mass tort case.

We’ve effectively optimized the lead conversions process by streamlining call receptions and intake rates through efficient, effective, and compassionate communication. With our customizable support service options, we can fully accommodate your firm’s needs – no matter how simple or complex they may be. Whether you’re searching for a quick turnkey solution for a single practice or a more involved approach for a multi-branch firm, we’re well equipped to provide you with the nation’s most effective telemarketing solutions.

Our team of dedicated live operators is always ready to work with you. Contact us today to learn more about our services today.

Why We’re the Nation’s Premier Choice

One of the most important resources any law firm can offer is a skilled, reliable team of customer-facing intake agents. We specialize in providing 24/7 call center solutions for both large national firms and small local firms, providing the same exceptional service regardless of scale. Whether you’re looking to establish a solid client base or aiming to expand your current one, we can provide you with fully customizable telemarketing solutions, fine-tuned to your firm’s growth goals.

We firmly believe that in order to best serve our clients, we cannot justly accept business from our clients’ competitive law firms. As a result, we only agree to do business with a limited number of law firms within a given area – meaning that when you choose to work with us, you’re choosing to utilize one of the industry’s most exclusive competitive advantages.

Additionally, our dedicated team of in-house operators continually undergo training on how to best guide potential clients through calls with empathy, efficiency, and compassion. With our results-driven approach, innovative techniques, and highly skilled intake specialists, we’ve continued to dominate the legal marketing industry for well over a decade.

Our Services

We encourage you to think of our services as simply an extension of your firm – we provide a streamlined call support system that seamlessly integrates our expert lead-generation capabilities with your legal team’s established workflow. We’ll directly stream qualified leads to your online network, allowing you to easily access your potential client’s data profile.

Our straightforward, hassle-free onboarding process makes it easy for us to begin processing calls using dedicated live operators as soon as possible. These live operators can guide potential clients through calls with a script you provide, or a script you choose from our wide variety of templates. Our operators are also extremely knowledgeable about the topics at hand, so they can offer a personalized experience. We also offer appointment scheduling on your terms, follow-up calls from lead lists, 24/7 call transfer, full API support, and streamlined integration with your customer relationship management systems.

As a full-service legal marketing and case procurement firm, we take pride in offering our clients real-world solutions with proven results. Our tactful telemarketing services carry the potential to not only expand your client base and maximize your profits, but to establish your firm as a trusted resource for claimants seeking justice through the legal system.

Our Staff

At Mass Tort Alliance, our team of skilled in-house operating agents is dedicated to one thing – your firm’s success. Here, we handle every single one of our calls with efficiency, empathy, and respect, treating each caller as a valued client. Our intake specialists receive continued training to stay up-to-date on the industry’s best practices, ensuring you’ll always receive the most knowledgeable, sophisticated telemarketing services available. We take care to ensure that there are always enough operating agents available to take calls, so potential clients never have to worry about staying on hold for extended periods of time, or fret over their calls being abandoned.

Additionally, we have over 200 attentive agents who are skilled in professionally engaging with callers in both English and Spanish – effectively ensuring that you’ll never have to miss out on qualified lead because of a language barrier.

With our knowledgeable, professional support staff and optimized call intake process, we’re able to efficiently generate viable business leads at any scale. You shouldn’t have to spend your time away from important clients and cases just to become caught up within the details of the marketing process. With our services, you’ll be free to focus on your clients while our agents optimize your firm’s reach.

Call Tracking and Analytics

We always strive to continually improve the lead generation process by keeping careful track of vital caller information. To do this, we’ll create an in-depth data profile for every potential client we interact with, detailing how they first became aware of your firm, what search engine they may have used, standard demographics, and more. While we do use this data to serve your potential clients more effectively, we also utilize it to streamline and optimize our lead development system. Essentially, the more data we collect from both our successful and unsuccessful caller interactions, the more we learn about how to replicate our positive outcomes – and minimize our negative ones.

By tracking calls and analyzing important client data, we’re able to efficiently gauge who your target demographics are, what type of legal representation they need, and how your firm can best serve them. This innovative marketing strategy is the standard among the vast majority of successful law firms in today’s digital age. With our full-service marketing strategies and data analytics, we’ll go the extra mile to convert curious online visitors to active callers – and active callers to valued clients.

Lead Acquisition

As a law firm, you shouldn’t have to spend your valuable time worrying about telemarketing campaigns or generating leads – you should be able to place your primary focus on your clients. With our call support services, we provide you with a worry-free way to generate case leads through tried-and-true telemarketing techniques and innovative data-based solutions. We’re committed to providing you with quantifiable results over time by efficiently converting inquisitive callers into qualified clients.

To do this, our skilled operations team handles every call with respect and diligence, allowing your potential clients to feel at ease and ready to move forward on their terms. From there, we direct callers toward tangible resources and answer any questions they may have. We’ll even schedule appointments for consultations, working to accommodate your needs. We always make sure to treat each of our callers with empathy and kindness, so that even if a caller doesn’t require your legal services at the time, we’ll make a lasting positive impression for future references.

Secure Support

We understand that we’re responsible for keeping a vast amount of your potential client’s sensitive data safe, secure, and confidential. The internet can be a dangerous place, and there are millions of ill-intentioned individuals attempting to access valuable personal information at any given moment. That’s why we’ve committed to integrating our online infrastructure with only the most effective, cutting-edge cybersecurity systems. Hackers are always innovating – but so are we. We guarantee that you’ll never have to worry about your client’s data being compromised by an outside party. Our user-friendly client portal is secured against all known types of digital attacks, so your sensitive information is kept well-guarded.

Rest assured, we take the security of our clients seriously. Our highly skilled information technology support teams are dedicated to preventing, detecting, and responding to cybersecurity threats with aggressive speed and efficiency – meaning you can focus your attention on obtaining stellar outcomes for your mass tort clients.

Cost-Effective Pricing

Our primary goal is to connect your law firm with qualified claimants who are seeking the exact type of legal representation you have to offer. However, it’s important to understand that digital marketing is a long-term investment. The lead generation process is carefully planned to cultivate high-quality relationships over time. Because we know that you don’t necessarily want to pay upfront for results you can’t immediately observe, we only charge by cost per lead and cost per case – meaning you’ll only pay for the results you directly benefit from. This is our way of ensuring the fidelity of our services to you.

To learn more about how our services can help your firm, contact our offices today to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled partners. Together, we can create a strategy to help your law firm achieve an unprecedented level of success.