Contract Acquisition Services

One of the most important steps a law firm can take in initiating a successful contract is delivering an exceptional first impression to potential clients. Whether that first impression happens online, over the phone, or in-person, it’s critical that your practice immediately establishes a strong client relationship built on trust, compassion, and professionalism.

According to a recent study from the American Bar Association, researchers found that “the single most impactful thing most law firms can do [to acquire more contracts] is improve their intake process.” At Mass Tort Alliance, our primary goal is to streamline your intake process using the industry’s most advanced digital marketing techniques to expand your client base, extend your business reach, and maximize your caseload. As a full-service legal marketing and case procurement firm, we take pride in connecting you with only the most qualified mass tort claimants.

Why Choose Mass Tort Alliance?

At Mass Tort Alliance, we provide comprehensive solutions to all your contract procurement needs. We know that the legal industry is a highly competitive market, and we’re committed to using our skills to your benefit. With our cutting-edge SEO techniques, innovative digital marketing strategies, and in-depth user analytics, we’re able to construct dynamic mass tort campaigns that optimize your online presence and catalyze valuable case leads.

Additionally, our efficient intake process quickly and compassionately caters to the personalized needs of your potential clients, allowing them to obtain the legal representation they need from your firm without all the hassle and frustration. Our highly skilled team of content developers, marketing specialists, and call operators are all committed to leaving an impeccable first impression on your potential clients, as they strive to function as seamless extensions of your firm.

We also understand that to serve our clients to the best of our ability, we cannot justifiably undertake business from competing legal practices. Thus, we only work with a limited number of firms in a region – meaning when you collaborate with us, you’re tapping into one of the legal marketing industry’s most exclusive competitive advantages.

Why You Should Outsource Your Firm’s Contract Services

Over the last decade, digital marketing for legal firms has become a critical tool in optimizing the contract acquisition process. However, effectively running a successful mass tort campaign can be incredibly taxing – especially when your firm is attempting to launch one alone. By outsourcing your contract services with Mass Tort Alliance, you can focus on providing the best legal representation to your clients while we optimize your online presence, increase your signing rates, and maximize your caseload.

Our Strategy

  • Establishing your goals – Before creating your mass tort marketing campaign, it’s important to ask yourself questions like: Who am I trying to reach? How will my target demographic interpret my message? Whether you’re a newer firm looking to cultivate a well-rounded client base or an established firm searching to expand your current one, answering these questions early on in the process provides a critical foundation for your marketing campaign.
  • Generating awareness – By using in-depth user analytics to create personalized advertising experiences, we’re constantly innovating new ways to engage your online audience.
  • Building and maintaining relationships – After an online visitor has expressed meaningful behaviors when engaging with your firm’s advertisements, we nurture the new relationship by following up with more personalized ads based on their previous interactions. If that potential client expresses further interest in working with your firm, our skilled intake team will efficiently and compassionately guide them through the conversion process – significantly increasing their signing potential.
  • Replicating success – We create in-depth user profiles for every potential client who engages with your legal practice, tracking whether or not their experience leads to a successful signing. By gathering valuable data on user behavior, we’re able to streamline the contract acquisition process by documenting behavior patterns and pinpointing key areas for improvement.

Getting You Started

With our efficient setup and training process, we can have your firm’s online portal fully up and running in under a day. From there, you’ll be granted 24/7 access and support from your dashboard, where you can easily view the progress of your mass tort marketing campaign. Additionally, we can train anyone in your office to navigate our user-friendly network, so you can independently track your case leads, contracts, signing rates, and more.

How it works

At Mass Tort Alliance, we offer comprehensive digital marketing and case acquisition solutions to help your legal practice achieve dynamic, competitive growth over time. To do this, we provide your legal firm with a variety of effective resources, including:

  • Custom Web Design – Our team of skilled web developers will create a personalized website that potential clients can visit to learn more about your legal practice.
  • Inbound, Outbound, and Native Advertising – With our multi-platform approach to paid content promotion, we’ll figure out which advertising methods work best for you – effectively maximizing your ROI.
  • Reputation Management – Every potential client looks to review sites to confirm the professionalism and credibility of the law firm they’re thinking of working with. By optimizing your review pages, we’ll position your firm as a trustworthy resource for strong legal representation.
  • In-Depth User Analytics – As a data-driven company, we love learning from our past interactions with online users. The more data we gather on both positive and negative user behaviors, the more we understand about how to replicate our successes in the future.
  • Lead Tracking and Generation – As a full-service, results-oriented legal marketing and lead procurement firm, we’re dedicated to connecting you with as many qualified potential contract signers as possible. This includes our signed retainer service, which brings new clients to your practice while building a bond of trust based on the retainer agreement.
  • Live Chat Services – Even if an online user is just browsing your website, it’s always helpful to have a team of qualified, educated intake professionals at the ready. Our team of live chat operators is prepared to answer any questions a user may have, 24/7.
  • In-house Telemarketing Services – With our full-service, in-house telemarketing services, we provide you with an effective method of instantly building caller rapport, increasing your business reach, and achieving measurable business results.

Our Service Quality

Rest assured, our highly skilled teams are 100 percent committed to setting your firm’s mass tort campaign up for success. Regardless of the scale you’re operating on, you’ll always receive exceptionally attentive service throughout every step in the business process – so you’ll never be left in the dark about our progress. Whether you’re looking to optimize your campaign on a limited budget or aspiring to achieve a massive return on a limitless investment, you can trust Mass Tort Alliance to customize the perfect digital strategy to accommodate your goals.

Our services are a comprehensive extension of your firm – we take pride in providing you with a streamlined contract acquisition process that elegantly integrates our digital marketing skill within your legal team’s established workflow. We’ll instantly flow case leads through your online portal using complete API integration, allowing you to easily track data streams, client profiles, contract signings, and more. This way, you can easily track our progress – and your ROI – within a single, user-friendly interface.

We’ll Prepare Your Client’s Intake Packet

We’ll closely collaborate with your legal team to create a personalized intake packet that reflects the unique business relationship between you and your new client. Within this packet, we include a welcome letter, a comprehensive survey, an overview of your firm’s services and what your client should expect, a comprehensive survey, as well as any HIPPA and HITECH authorizations – everything you and your client need in one envelope.

The Contract Acquisition Process

Our primary goal is to connect your firm with qualified claimants who need the type of legal representation you’re offering. After we receive your client’s intake data, our contract processing system generates a customized contract that’s been designed and fine-tuned to reflect your firm. Using client-inputted data, we streamline the shipping process so your client can receive their contract as soon as possible. When your client receives their contract, we receive a notification. From there, we tactfully follow up with the client to inform them that their contract is ready to be signed and shipped back. One of our skilled acquisitions specialists will walk your client through the entirety of the document, answering any questions they may have. Once we receive the signed documents, we scan them and store them within our contract database. Finally, we return all original contracts to your office, so you can have a tangible copy of your documents.

With Mass Tort Alliance, you never have to worry about your clients interacting with overly-aggressive agents that dissuade them from working with you. Our highly skilled team of kind, compassionate contract acquisition specialists will always approach your clients with professionalism and respect. While we do specialize in optimizing the contract acquisitions process – so you can receive your signed documents in a timely manner – your clients will never feel pressured or rushed into signing.

To make the acquisition process as easy as possible for both you and your clients, our data input system pre-populates the document with all the needed relevant information, so all your client has to do is sign the contract and return it to us. Rest assured, no detail is lost on us – we even supply your client with stamped envelopes and scheduled pickups to streamline the documents returns process.

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