Signed Retainers

Asking your client to sign a retainer agreement is incredibly beneficial for both your firm and the client. This agreement establishes trust and communication from the very start of your relationship, and it often helps avoid future disagreements about your services.

However, you need to focus on offering high-quality legal representation, which means you do not have time to walk your client through every element of a retainer agreement. Fortunately, you can outsource retainer agreements to the legal contract professionals at Mass Tort Alliance. It’s just one of the many contract services that we offer.

We are prepared to offer your client the personalized service and information they need to sign a retainer. When you hire Mass Tort Alliance, we will take the time necessary to ensure your clients are committed to your firm, while you focus on the legal matters at hand. Contact Mass Tort Alliance today to determine if our signed retainer services are right for you.

Understanding Retainer Agreements

Retainers allow you to create a formal agreement between your firm and a client that indicates each party’s rights and responsibilities. These agreements allow you and your client to understand one another’s expectations, and it ensures that you are meeting your client’s needs. This agreement is an essential part of establishing a long-term relationship between your firm and this new client.

Through a retainer agreement, you will provide your client with concrete information such as:

  • The purpose of your legal representation
  • The scope and nature of the work you will perform
  • Estimated fees for your services and how you will charge your client
  • Intention to work with colleagues, such as a paralegal, and associated expenses
  • Specifications about a retainer fee

By providing this information to your client up-front, you can ensure that your client understands your legal services, and you have an opportunity to proactively answer some of the most common questions. It is essential to have the terms of your professional engagement in writing so both you and your client have documentation of your commitment to pursue this mass tort case.

How Does Your Client Benefit from a Signed Retainer?

Although some clients are initially reluctant to sign a retainer agreement, this document provides substantial benefits for their case and their peace of mind. Unfortunately, retainer agreements are often represented as a one-sided contract in which your client commits to your firm without any measurable benefits for themselves.

However, skillfully crafted retainer agreements actually support and protect the client as much as they do the attorney. Some of the most important benefits your client receives from a signed retainer include:

  • Accountability: A retainer agreement ensures that your client can rely on your services and understands the steps you are taking for their case. This increases your client’s sense of security and their trust in your work.
  • Availability: Once your client chooses you as their lawyer, they want to know that you are committed to meeting their needs. Your retainer agreement provides evidence that you will be available to your client throughout their mass tort case.
  • Result-oriented service: Through a retainer, you and your client create an agreed-upon goal for your legal services. This gives your client confidence and an understanding that every step you take moves their case toward the desired outcome.
  • No surprises: A retainer agreement allows you to clarify potential fees and payments upfront. This sets a precedent for open and honest communication while also reducing the likelihood of future frustration or financial disagreements.

The professionals at Mass Tort Alliance understand that retainer agreements are an essential tool to build trust and a lasting relationship with a new client. We will help each client understand how they can benefit from a signed retainer and answer their questions about this agreement, creating a strong legal engagement from the start.

How Does Your Firm Benefit from a Signed Retainer?

During the long and complex process of mass tort litigation, your firm will also experience significant benefits from utilizing a signed retainer agreement.

Finding and securing mass tort clients is an incredibly competitive process. Other law firms are likely speaking with the same clients you are, and you need to solidify your relationship with your client as quickly as possible. A retainer agreement provides a written record that your client is committed to working with your firm. You may also strengthen this commitment by requiring a retainer fee to guarantee your services.

Furthermore, signed retainers establish your terms of service and costs at the start of your relationship with a new client. Many of your clients have no prior experience working with lawyers, and they may not fully understand the mass tort process. Your retainer agreement can offer clarity and often helps demystify the legal system. Presenting your client with his information at the start of your relationship enhances your reputation as a trustworthy legal counselor.

Mass Tort Alliance’s Signed Retainer Services

Mass Tort Alliance has extensive experience with retainer agreements and the questions and concerns your future clients may have. We will introduce clients to your retainer agreement, explaining each of the terms and the benefits this agreement will provide throughout their mass tort case. By providing this information, we not only encourage your clients to sign a retainer, but we start the essential process of building a client’s relationship with your firm.

Our professionals take the time to get to know each of your potential clients so we can cater to their specific needs throughout the process of signing a legal contract or retainer. This time also allows us to vet each client and their case, making sure your caseload is only filled with committed clients.

Most importantly, Mass Tort Alliance works as an extension of your law firm, providing our services from the initial client connection to the final contract. This full-service approach allows us to provide high-quality work that is consistent with your brand and your values.

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To provide exceptional mass tort representation, you need to have an unwavering focus on your legal case and meeting your clients’ needs. However, you cannot expect to do all of this difficult and time-consuming work on your own. Through skilled signed retainer services, Mass Tort Alliance can reduce your stress and increase your productivity. Start working with Mass Tort Alliance today by contacting us right now.