Qualified Leads and Retainers

You can’t litigate mass torts without the masses, and finding the right participants is a tedious, time-consuming effort. Let us do that work for you. When you choose Mass Tort Alliance to handle the tasks involved with sourcing claimants, you are free to keep your focus on practicing law. Whether you need plaintiffs for defective drugs, medical devices, or other products within the mass torts spectrum, we can provide you with eligible leads and signed retainers that meet the conditions you set.

Generation of Qualified Leads

We generate leads by using techniques that encourage potential claimants to offer their contact information. They are ready to join in on a conversation to learn about a resolution for their situation.

So, what do we mean by qualified leads? These are individuals who are the most likely to become a client. A new lead that isn’t truly interested or doesn’t meet your starting criteria isn’t a real lead. You need people who are making inquiries and open to additional contact.

Our marketing efforts reach the people who indicate curiosity about a particular mass tort. We connect with people who indicate their interest by taking actions such as these:

  • Clicking on an ad
  • Downloading related materials
  • Frequently visiting or lingering on a website
  • Completing online forms
  • Volunteering contact information to receive more information

Along with using these common actions as tools, we further discern who the qualified leads are by using other information like demographics, analytics, and lead scoring to eliminate those who are unlikely to commit to the mass tort process.

We work with your firm to identify your target audience, and we deliver qualified leads that will help you by:

  • Sifting out those who aren’t eligible or can’t benefit from a mass tort. We don’t waste your time with unqualified leads that can distract you from the more probable leads.
  • Reducing the amount of time you have to invest in getting new clients on board.

Retained Plaintiffs

The goal of generating leads is attaining signed contracts. There are plenty of people who are affected by the products targeted by mass torts, but getting them signed to your firm takes some legwork. A further step you can take with us is the option of dealing exclusively with individuals who have already signed a retainer. We do the research to identify consumers who need legal representation and convert them into retained plaintiffs. Our vetting process ensures that you are getting the right plaintiffs whose records fit your criteria. They sign the retainer, and we send them on to you with all the necessary documents.

Let Mass Tort Alliance Help You Get More Clients

If you are looking for qualified leads and retained clients for your mass tort campaign, contact Mass Tort Alliance for assistance. We can save you time and money and help you grow your practice. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help you.