Using Taboola for Mass Tort Marketing

Finding the right clients for mass tort litigation requires you to spend time searching for new clients and researching whether or not these clients have a substantial legal case. Fortunately, native advertising can simplify this process and increase the number of qualifying clients who visit your site.

However, it is not enough to create native advertisements. You must also be able to present your ads on reputable platforms to ensure you effectively engage your future clients. Taboola, the number one content discovery platform in the world, helps your ads reach the right audience, increasing your firm’s visibility and reputation.

The digital marketing experts at Mass Tort Alliance have spent years designing ad campaigns using Taboola. We understand how to optimize Taboola’s marketing tools to promote your mass tort litigation skills. Mass Tort Alliance uses data science and innovative marketing techniques to help you create a customized Taboola ad campaign, allowing you to get the greatest exposure from your advertising budget.

You need cutting-edge marketing techniques to advertise your mass tort litigation expertise, and Mass Tort Alliance is ready to help. Get started on your Taboola ad campaign today by contacting Mass Tort Alliance right now.

Understanding Taboola

Taboola promotes advertisements across thousands of websites by suggesting content that the user would find interesting. Unlike other digital advertising platforms, like Google Ads or YouTube, you may not have heard of Taboola. This is because Taboola functions by seamlessly integrating ads into other web pages, increasing the likelihood that a user will trust and interact with the recommended content.

Although Taboola is not a household name, in the marketing industry, Taboola is recognized as the most popular and effective content discovery and curation platform worldwide. Approximately 1.4 billion unique users view Taboola’s advertisements each month, allowing ad campaigns to reach 44.5% of all internet users.

Taboola collaborates with over 100,000 of the most popular websites on the internet to present advertisements that will benefit the publisher and the advertiser. This company collects data from billions of internet users to ensure your ads reach the right person at the right time. They place your ad on websites that users recognize and trust with content that is relevant to your advertisement’s target audience. This method maximizes the impact of your native advertising campaign and offers you the best opportunity to find high-quality mass tort leads.

How Does Taboola Promote Your Advertisements?

One of Taboola’s primary marketing strategies is content curation. This popular advertising buzzword means that Taboola collects advertisements from a variety of sources, and then they select which ads are most appropriate for a specific publisher.

Although this method may seem simple, effectively curating content relies on a variety of marketing skills and data analysis. To determine the best location to publish your ad, Taboola incorporates information such as:

  • User demographics
  • Keywords
  • Search history
  • Related content

Utilizing this information allows Taboola to present your mass tort ads to the most relevant audience, so you can provide targeted advertising for your mass tort cases.

Furthermore, Taboola’s native advertising method seamlessly integrates with your client’s online habits, so they find your ads more relatable and beneficial. Traditional advertising methods, such as pop-ups and randomly generated displays, often feel forced, and the current generation of internet users are unlikely to trust this form of advertising. According to IPG Media Lab, 71% of internet users are more likely to identify with a native advertisement than with a randomly generated display ad.

Taboola takes a new approach for targeting clients by smoothly integrating your ad onto the publisher’s website. They account for the publisher’s aesthetic, content flow, and webpage design to make your ad the least disruptive to the user’s experience. The ultimate goal of Taboola’s content curation is to make the advertisement feel so natural that users may not even recognize they are viewing an ad.

Through high-quality content curation, Taboola promotes your mass tort campaign as a beneficial resource for information, allowing you to make a genuine connection with your potential clients.

Which Companies Publish Taboola Ads?

Taboola not only enhances your ability to connect with clients, but it also lifts your firm’s reputation. Your mass tort campaign will appear on some of the most trusted websites on the internet, increasing your firm’s reliability and promoting brand recognition. A few of the notable websites which publish ads from Taboola include:

  • The Huffington Post
  • NBC News
  • Business Insider
  • CNBC
  • Bloomberg

When your mass tort advertisement appears on a popular website, your firm is associated with these high-profile platforms. This gives users more confidence in your legal skill, encouraging them to interact with your ad.

Taboola Advertising Costs

Using Taboola to promote your advertising campaign costs significantly less than most traditional marketing methods. To create a Taboola ad campaign, you must spend a minimum of $10 per day on their services.

However, you pay for your ads based on a cost-per-click (CPC) or cost per view basis, meaning that you only pay Taboola when a client views or clicks on your advertisement. This system ensures that you only pay for marketing that is effective, allowing you to receive the most web traffic for your money.

How Can Mass Tort Alliance Enhance Your Advertising?

Mass Tort Alliance has years of experience developing successful Taboola marketing campaigns. We understand how to navigate the algorithms Taboola uses, to ensure that this platform presents your ads on sites that will generate the largest number of high-quality clients.

Although Taboola provides the content curation for effective native advertisements, it is still essential to provide ads that Taboola deems relevant for their publishers. The marketing professionals at Mass Tort Alliance will help you understand what keywords to use and which demographics to focus on to make your ad campaign as successful as possible.

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The marketing professionals at Mass Tort Alliance understand the complexities of legal advertising and native ads, and we are prepared to use our skills to help you develop your client base. If you are searching for new ways to reach your clients and find mass tort leads, you do not need to look any further than Mass Tort Alliance. Contact us right now to determine if Taboola marketing is right for you.