Legal Intake Experts

At a law firm, it is always busy, even outside of business hours. Clients call in to talk about their cases, potential clients ask to speak with a lawyer, and many more situations arise throughout the day. Throughout all of this, lawyers need to be able to focus on what they do best: building the strongest case possible.

At a law firm developing mass tort cases, however, they may receive hundreds or even thousands of phone calls, emails, or live chat messages a week from potential clients. What’s more, signing clients is crucial for mass tort cases, as every plaintiff may strengthen the case.

Chances are, your law firm doesn’t have the resources to handle this volume of calls efficiently, and every missed call may be a missed client opportunity. In this case, it could be a better choice for you to hire legal intake experts, who are professionals that are well-versed in the law and can tackle the answers to potential questions, as well as vet clients to see if they have a case for you.

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What Is a Legal Intake Expert?

A legal intake expert serves as a representative of your firm and takes the initial phone call when a client calls to speak with someone about their case. They are educated in matters of the law and can screen the calls when they come in, summarizing the client’s issue and sending qualified leads directly to you.

Advantages of Using Legal Intake Experts

Choosing to utilize legal intake experts can provide many advantages for your law firm. It streamlines the initial process of bringing in new clients and speaking with them about their case. Other advantages include:

  • They can speak to clients 24/7. Your representatives are able to answer the phone during business hours, but they cannot work into the night. A team of legal intake experts will be able to operate 24/7, taking in clients, and getting leads for you after your firm has closed for the day. The legal intake expert can help them with their request and then assign them to your lawyers.
  • They can provide valuable client data to you. During the call, your legal intake experts can assess the client for you, collecting the data you will need to make an informed decision on the client, saving you from spending time on a potentially unqualified lead.
  • Your clients will not have to leave a voicemail. If a client calls and gets your voicemail, they will likely call the next firm on their list. With legal intake experts, you will not have to worry about this as they will take the call and determine the best course of action for that client.
  • Legal intake experts can answer routine questions for you. Since your legal intake experts know the law, they can answer routine or frequently asked questions for you so that you can focus on other matters within your law firm or on other cases that you need to handle.
  • They will help the caller understand the legal process. Likely, the potential client will have questions about the process when they decide to work with a lawyer at your firm. The legal intake expert can apprise them of the process and tell them everything they need to know before they are sent to you for further planning and analysis of their case, avoiding more time spent on questions someone else can answer for you.
  • Most legal intake experts speak more than one language. If you have someone call in who only speaks Spanish or another language, then your legal intake expert can converse with them and get information about their case. This helps you to not only process their case faster, but also increase your client base to those who may not be native English speakers.
  • A legal intake expert will be able to set up appointments for you. By using legal intake expert services, you can ensure that all qualified leads will have an appointment set up to speak with a lawyer in your firm. We’re able to connect seamlessly with your own customer relationship management system, allowing us to schedule appointments at a time that works for you.
  • Legal intake experts help maximize your marketing dollars. When you have an ad budget and are getting leads from Google Ads, Facebook, or other places, those leads need to be processed and qualified. The legal intake experts you hire from Mass Tort Alliance will be able to qualify those leads, thus saving you time, maximizing your marketing spend, and bringing you the best leads.

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