Legal Call Center

Successful mass torts are incredibly lucrative. Every year, mass torts deliver billions in damages to victims of corporate and public negligence. It’s also a highly competitive industry — law firms around the country compete for clients to build their mass tort case.

The math is pretty simple: the more plaintiffs who join your case, the more likely you are to see significant revenue. Defendants are more likely to settle torts joined by numerous plaintiffs quickly to protect themselves from the risk of bankruptcy due to expensive litigation and an unfavorable verdict. Mass Tort Alliance makes it our business to help firms reach the right people at the right time so that your mass tort can grow.

Reaching Mass Tort Clients

If your firm isn’t the first to contact a potential client, you may lose the opportunity to add one more valuable client to your case. Your competition—every other mass tort lawyer—would be happy to take them instead.

If you want to reach a large potential client base, you need effective marketing. Your marketing strategy must reach individuals who have been injured by the dangerous product or negligent corporation targeted by your firm. An effective marketing strategy will allow you to connect with the right people and convert them into clients.

A critical part of your mass tort case marketing plan should be a legal call center. Your potential clients are likely unfamiliar with the legal system and may feel overwhelmed by the thought of joining a mass tort. If they can speak with a live, human representative, your chances of capturing a lead and turning them into a mass tort client skyrocket.

Mass tort cases often involve hundreds, even thousands, of clients. Even the largest, most organized law firms struggle to manage these numbers. By partnering with a high-quality legal call center, you can capture, nurture, and grow your leads. Developing a mass tort case is expensive, but investing in top-notch legal call center services will help you both increase your ROI and reach more injured people who need your services.

Why Should I Use Legal Call Center Services?

When deciding whether or not to partner with a mass tort legal call center, these are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Can my firm field hundreds, or even thousands, of incoming calls a week?
  • Do you want your intake staff to take the time to field these calls if only one or two of them lead to conversions?
  • Does my firm have the time to engage in detailed, compassionate, multilingual phone calls with every potential client who calls?
  • Is my firm prepared to follow up on every intake call with an email or text to increase the chances of conversion?
  • Is my intake staff prepared to take calls 24/7, 365 days a year?

Most law firms are simply not equipped to effectively and efficiently handle the intake needs that mass tort lawsuits present. Some ill-prepared law firms handle their mass tort marketing alone and then drop a high percentage of their client leads, minimizing their conversions, and ultimately, hurting the success of their case. Partnering with a reputable legal call center will protect your leads, which constitutes a high-value investment in your mass tort case.

Our experienced legal call center will handle all aspects of client intake, allowing the team at your firm to handle only the leads that are likely to join your mass tort. This will give you time to focus on what’s most important: developing a winning case strategy.

What Should I Look for in a Legal Call Center?

Your legal call center should meet your needs. In our experience, the best call centers meet several criteria. The legal call center you choose to partner with should:

  • Be staffed with enough highly trained employees to allow calls to be answered any time, any day.
  • Work closely with you to develop a script that accurately pinpoints who may and may not qualify to be a part of your case.
  • Have multilingual staff members, especially with Spanish proficiency.
  • Make it as easy as possible for you to conduct business and intake potential clients.

Mass Tort Alliance has the staff, expertise, and experience to meet all of these criteria.

Cutting-Edge Lead Tracking

Client leads are not always converted on the first call. Multiple interventions, in different forms and at different times, are critical to ensuring a conversion. For example, we like to follow up on a first phone call with an email or text. We’ll also call a potential client back at a different time of day to increase the chance of contact.

Our legal call center uses a system that tracks the contact history of every single lead. We also use automation where it makes sense, like follow-up emails and texts. Just like you, we want to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Highly Trained Call Center Representatives

In order to turn a lead into a conversion, it’s critical that the representative who answers or places a call has excellent legal phone etiquette. Our hard-working, dedicated staff members take care to exercise empathy. Potential clients in mass tort cases have experienced some kind of harm and may feel stressed, confused, and unsure how to proceed. Our legal call center associates practice active listening and treat callers like the people they are, not just a number.

Contact Mass Tort Alliance for Your Mass Tort Marketing Needs

An effective, cost-efficient marketing strategy is critical to the success of your mass tort case. Don’t put in hundreds of hours of work contacting leads and building your case only to have your efforts wasted because you can’t take on a sufficient number of plaintiffs.

Legal call center services are an essential part of your overall marketing strategy. You may have a stellar digital marketing plan, but at the end of the day, those leads will not become clients if they can’t contact you easily. Our legal call center services will professionally, efficiently, and effectively handle the thousands of potential clients who contact you.

Law firms need to spend their time focusing on developing a winning legal strategy — not on lead generation. By partnering with Mass Tort Alliance, you can put your energy where it’s needed and let us handle the rest.

To learn more about our mass tort legal call center and other mass tort marketing services, don’t hesitate to contact us.