Mass Tort Marketing with Radio

Once your law firm has made the decision to move forward with launching a mass tort case, you then have the immense task in front of you of finding people to participate in this massive action.

The easiest and simplest way to find those people is by advertising your mass tort across multiple mediums, including digital advertising, social media, television, and radio. Many companies are moving strictly to a digital advertising platform, but that comes with risks as you may not be able to reach all of the demographics that are relevant to your firm’s mass tort. With its broad reach in the U.S., radio still has an important role to play in mass tort advertising.

At Mass Tort Alliance, we understand the importance of creating a fully integrated ad campaign for your mass tort, and we can help you do just that. Learn about how you can successfully leverage radio ads as part of your mass tort advertising plan and then contact us to discuss how we can assist you in meeting your mass tort goals.

Why Use Radio Advertising in Your Search for Mass Tort Participants?

Filing a mass tort, particularly against a drug company or other massive entity, means you need to effectively reach all the demographics that may have potentially been affected. For example, if you are filing a mass tort against a drug company for birth control side effects, that could apply to many different types of people across the country and in various demographics.

While television and digital advertising will effectively reach many people, you need to be thorough and methodical when planning your campaign, which is why it is prudent to hire a company with experience coordinating multi-channel ad campaigns. In order to reach your full target audience, you may need to not only push TV and digital ads, you may also need to advertise on the radio.

You may think that streaming services such as Spotify and Amazon Music have taken away a large slice of radio’s audience, but statistics show that radio audiences have remained fairly consistent over the past decade. According to the Pew Research Center, 89 percent of Americans 12 and older consistently listen to the radio, and that statistic has not changed much at all since 2009.

With that kind of reach, it is undeniable that there are many reasons to use radio advertising while you search for mass tort participants. Learn some of those reasons:

  • Radio ads are highly economical and affordable. When you choose to advertise on the radio, it provides a strong return on investment because radio ads are very economical. Typically, a radio ad is just one or two people providing a voiceover, whereas a television ad requires more production time and costs. You can also share your ad more often on the radio since costs are lower than on other mediums.
  • Since you share radio ads more often, your message is more likely to stick. Sometimes, people need to hear information multiple times before it sticks with them. By repeatedly advertising on the radio, your mass tort ad is more likely to be memorable and heard by the people you need to reach.
  • Ads on the radio are incredibly efficient. Since it takes less time to create a radio ad, you can potentially launch that part of the campaign first before the TV or print ads and begin building your audience as soon as possible, making these ads incredibly efficient.
  • It is easy to geographically target your audience. No matter if you decide to advertise on AM/FM radio or on satellite radio, you can geographically target your audience with ease. For local audiences, you can use AM/FM advertising, but if you are looking for nationwide reach, you can advertise on satellite radio.
  • You can also target specific demographics. Radio stations keep data on who their primary listeners are, so they will be able to show that information to advertisers. If you are looking for a specific demographic for your mass tort, you can pick a certain radio station to target your demographic of choice.
  • Your audience is captive when you advertise on the radio. On TV, the audience can easily walk away or go to the kitchen to grab a snack, meaning they can potentially miss your ad. If you are using the radio, your audience is much less likely to tune out the message, especially if they are using the radio on their daily commute to and from home.

Your Law Firm Needs Help Creating Radio Ads – Here’s Why

When it comes to creating radio ads, you need a marketing professional on your side. They can take your message and carefully craft it into the most effective phrasing that is sure to grab your intended audience’s attention. Making a radio ad takes an expert touch in order to maximize the investment you are making, and our marketing team will know the best way to write an ad so that it also integrates with the rest of the types of media you are using, whether that be television commercials, digital advertising, paid social ads, or all of the above. We operate within your budget and come up with a plan that makes the most of your radio ad spend.

Your message will be conveyed in a compassionate manner, reaching out to the people who need help after they suffered from a prescription drug, medical procedure gone wrong, or malfunctioning product. We craft our messaging with the utmost care to ensure that mass tort victims will feel safe contacting your law firm about their issues.

Ready to Advertise Your Mass Tort on the Radio? Set Up a Consultation Today

At Mass Tort Alliance, we have assisted many law firms in the United States with creating and launching a mass tort advertising campaign. Our experts have created successful radio ads that get results for our clients. If you are ready to set up a consultation with our marketing services team, contact us today. We’re ready to get the ball rolling on your radio advertising as soon as possible.