Mass Tort Marketing with Facebook and Instagram

Trying to reach a wide and diverse audience when you are in charge of filing a mass tort for your law firm can require a huge investment of your time. Creating an advertising campaign for a mass tort takes extensive planning and incredibly thorough attention to detail as you assess what demographics you will need to reach and how best to reach them.

For your advertising campaign, you will likely need to implement several different types of media advertising strategies to make an educated decision on what media options will be best for your specific mass tort. At Mass Tort Alliance, we are able to consult with you and provide advertising services for any kind of media platform that may be needed, but one of the most effective and easy ways to communicate with your intended audience is through the power of paid social media ads.

Even more specifically, your mass tort marketing campaign should include social media ads on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook and Instagram audiences are complementary. Campaigns that are created for both Facebook and Instagram have been found to be much more effective than campaigns that run on just one of those platforms. Targeting Facebook and Instagram users enables you to scale your campaign seamlessly and precisely target users, giving you a greater return on your ad spend.

Our mass tort marketing company creates and builds highly effective paid social media ads for Facebook and Instagram, and we can help you, too. Contact us> for more information on our advertising services.

Why Your Mass Tort Advertisement Campaign Needs Social Media Paid Ads

A full targeted advertising campaign for a large mass tort should include advertising strategies for a variety of media platforms, including:

  • Television commercials
  • Radio ads
  • Paid search ads
  • Paid social media ads
  • Paid native ads

When your campaign includes all of these options, then you know you are targeting every single possible demographic that your mass tort impacts, whether it is related to prescription drugs, medical devices, or dysfunctional products. This is why any mass tort advertisement campaign needs paid social media ads.

As of mid-2020, around 223 million people actively used social media in the United States, according to a Statista report. The United States’ total population is close to 330 million, which means approximately 68 percent of Americans use social media. You can reach those users effectively with a strong paid ads strategy that is crafted to target your desired demographic. Paid ads on Facebook and Instagram can be carefully orchestrated in such a way that your ads display predominantly in front of the people who need to see them, resulting in more clicks, video views, and conversions.

Other benefits of social media advertising include:

  • You have the ability to answer people’s questions immediately. People can comment directly on your ad or send you a message, and if you are maintaining an active social presence, you can answer those questions for them immediately, so they are not left wondering what to do. This gives you the chance to engage with your audience and begin building trust with them, so they will feel more comfortable about being a participant in your mass tort. When you engage with your target audience, it also helps to build brand awareness for your law firm.
  • It allows you to stay top of mind. With social media advertising, you can choose to remarket your ads to people who have either already interacted with them or visited your website. This feature allows your law firm to stay top of mind. Some people may not want to participate right away and need time to consider their options, so if they see routine reminders of you in their news feeds, they will have multiple opportunities to give you a call or send you a message.
  • You can target incredibly specific audiences. Say you are setting up an ad for a mass tort regarding vaginal mesh. You can create your ad on social media and target an audience that is most likely to have suffered adverse effects from vaginal mesh, thus making your ad highly effective at reaching possible participants. The audiences can be specified by gender, age group, geographic location, and even the interests of individual people.
  • Your ad can provide a link to your site with valuable info about the mass tort. One of the great things about social media advertising is that you can add in a link to a valuable piece of content. This content can provide more information about your mass tort, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. You can also include a lead form on that webpage, enabling people to directly submit their contact information to you.
  • You can make adjustments in real-time. If, for some reason, one of your ads is not performing well, but another one is, you can move your ad dollars from the poorly performing ad to the one that is doing well. The more money that is assigned to an effective ad, the more times social media platforms will place it in front of the eyes that need to see it.

Plan Your Social Media Advertising Strategy with Experienced Marketing Professionals

The world of social media advertising can be tricky. Your ads need to be created and set up with precision in order to maximize your dollar spend, especially when you’re designing a campaign to work effectively across multiple channels, such as Facebook and Instagram. Without an experienced marketing professional to guide you on your social media advertising strategy, you may feel a bit lost or confused about where to begin. We have seen people waste thousands of advertising dollars by setting up their social media ad campaigns incorrectly and not targeting the right people.

Our skilled marketing services teams will create a game plan that gives you everything you need to reach mass tort participants. Our goal is to help your law firm reach its goals, and we do that by applying our marketing expertise to your advertising campaign. We will take your overall budget and allocate the right amount to your social media ads.

At Mass Tort Alliance, we have the tools and knowledge that are needed to generate successful social media campaigns, no matter what the premise of your mass tort may be. Contact us today to set up a consultation so you can learn how we can help.